Hello, world!

Considering that I have not yet publicized this website or printed any business cards and other related paraphernalia, I am certainly talking to myself at the moment. Wait... Does that make me crazy?! Anyhoo, the primary purpose of this post is to serve as a test before the website is released for public consumption (and critique). But since I'm writing, I may as well give you all (myself) an update as to the progress towards the opening of Bon Temps Coffee Bar. Here goes.

Bon Temps Coffee Bar will be Shreveport's first and only coffee and wine bar that features live jazz and blues performances in a comfortable, inviting, atmosphere. Currently, when we think of a coffee spot, we think of a quiet, serene place with an earth tone color palette. Well, I think that sucks. Coffee doesn't have to be quiet. In fact, I will venture so far as to say that it SHOULD NOT be quiet. World policies and war stories alike are best told over coffee. So why reduce it to a vice of melancholy? I refuse. Bon Temps Coffee Bar aims to make coffee more social. Our aim is to provide a sexy atmosphere anchored with tasty coffees and sweet Louisiana jazz and blues tunes. 

Though we attempt to fight it for as long as we can, there comes a point in all of our lives when we no longer wish to stay out late and drink hard liquor until we're at the point of worshiping and offering partially digested sacrifices to the porcelain bowl. As mature adults and family oriented persons, we crave for environments that offer themselves as a getaway from the normal grind of life and work. We want for conversation and the exchange of ideas and philosophies. We want to hear real, live instrumentation and to set back and relax without concern for the usual cons of nightclubs and bars. We want sophistication. 

Bon Temps Coffee Bar is for us. 

Currently, we are in the licensing and permit phase of things. The state of Louisiana is a state of paperwork. Seriously, you nearly need a permit to breathe. Either way, we're crossing "I"s and dotting "T"s... Wait, what?! Um, yeah, we're pushing forward. Starting next week we'll go head first into the construction phase which will run concurrently with the employee acquisition phase. So far, we're still on schedule for a grand opening date of May 9, 2015. Wish us luck.

I'll attempt to update weekly. Comment if you so desire. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

- Mitchell